Self Storage Tips

Ensure your storage unit is insulated if it is an external unit, as un-insulated units will become very hot in the sun.  Baking wooden furniture shrinks the timber causing joints to become loose.  Un-insulated units also sweat due to the fluctuating temperature which will encourage mould growth.

  1. List of what you intend to store.
  2. Label the boxes so you know what is in them and make a map of where you have put them for quick finding. Numbering the storage boxes is a good idea.
  3. Put the heavy stuff at the base of the pile and do not overload boxes.
  4. Do not leave storage boxes half full unless they are of a solid construction.
  5. Cover you furniture or wrap it to avoid scratching.
  6. Try not to leave empty spaces.
  7. Bubble wrap the fragile stuff.
  8. Do not store items that might leak onto your belongings or be careful where they are and how they are sealed.
  9. Put stuff you may want at the front.
  10. Remove batteries from electrical items if they are to be left for long periods.

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