Self Storage

Steel Containers

Steel containers can roast your possessions, so are they suitable for storage? Not if your goods can be damaged by extreme heat. Fortunately our 20’ containers are different, they are refrigeration containers, so you can rest easy knowing that your treasured possessions are safe and secure inside these wonderful stores that maintain a stable temperature regardless of the weather conditions.

These stores are for those with a large amount of goods to store, perhaps a 4 or 5 bedroom house; they are also great for document storage as they are fireproof.

Storage Crates

Our storage crates are plywood containers housed on the ground floor inside a building which ensures that they are dry and secure. There is vehicular access into the building, thus avoiding any issues with unloading in inclement weather.

The stores are approximately 6’ x 6’ x 8’ which makes them ideal for household storage as they can accommodate both sofas and fridge freezers. As the containers are around 6’ tall they are ideal for stacking boxes from floor to ceiling, thus there is no high level space that cannot be used. We find that a crate will store the possessions of a 1 to 2 bed flat and are ideal for smaller needs.

Vehicle Storage

We have space available to store boats, caravans, campervans, motorcycles and cars. We have a choice of internal or external storage options, all external storage is on concrete hard standing.

A major factor when choosing a storage site for your vehicle is security. This is why storing your vehicle with Parsons Self Storage is an investment that you can be sure of. We have 24 hour CCTV to protect your vehicles while in storage with Parsons.

Storage Guidelines

1. List of what you intend to store.

2. Label the boxes so you know what is in them and make a map of where you have put them for quick finding. Numbering the storage boxes is a good idea.

3. Put the heavy stuff at the base of the pile and do not overload boxes.

4. Do not leave storage boxes half full unless they are of a solid construction.

5. Cover your furniture or wrap it to avoid scratching.

6. Try not to leave empty spaces.

7. Bubble wrap the fragile stuff.

8. Do not store items that might leak onto your belongings or be careful where they are and how they are sealed.

9. Put stuff you may want at the front.

10. Remove batteries from electrical items if they are to be left for long periods.

11. Ensure your storage unit is insulated if it is an external unit, as un-insulated units will become very hot in the sun.  Baking wooden furniture shrinks the timber causing joints to become loose.  Un-insulated units also sweat due to the fluctuating temperature which will encourage mould growth.

The way we solve your storage problem is simple. We are open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 8pm on Saturday and 10am to 8pm Sunday.

During these times you have unlimited free access to your unit allowing you to make full use of the facility.

Find the right solution for you

At Parsons we have options available for all requirements